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JPGs for use as art assets. Though these assets were almost immediately archived for future use, they were made available again in May 2006 for the launch of Rockstar San Diego and are again stored on the servers, this time in the form of .zip files. In 2010, all of the .jpg files in the Game_Data folder from the San Diego release were renamed as the game files were archived and moved to the PC version of the game. The newer files still reside on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable versions of the game. In a future version of the game, all of the assets could be merged and exported as a single.JPG file. The game's text files were saved as ASCII text in the file .txt. The B-Girl Dialogue (as well as her running text, her text on the radio, and her text in the credits) were saved as ASCII art. They were converted to the actual text by converting all of the "^" character to "»". Some files were created by including a "^" character at the beginning of the lines that contained information about character names. This character acted as a delimiter in the creation of the.txt files, and separated information on the character and their name. For example, the "^" would be represented as ">" in the.txt file, meaning that the line containing information on the name of the character "Brian" was contained between the lines "name=Brian^" and "name=Brian". The B-Girl Dialogue were not similarly delimited, and in some instances are simply followed by a line of empty space. Like Liberty City Stories, the game also included a datapad that could be accessed from the main menu. This is a companion datapad to the Liberty City Special Operations datapad, however unlike that one, it contains all of the information about the missions and all of the key words for the Special Operations missions. Sequel The first trailer for an unnamed sequel was released on YouTube on June 24, 2010. The trailer revealed that it was set in New York City and contained a cameo by Tony Toni Tone. Rockstar officially announced the sequel for March 27, 2011 at the Spike Video Game Awards in which the game is set in New York, with Toni Tone as the main character. The game was released on October 9, 2011. It was the last game in the franchise to feature the female character named Toni, who




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